Repair & Recover Microsoft Outlook Notes!

No doubt Microsoft outlook is the most popular tool for personal information management. It is a product designed by the Microsoft Company and come with Microsoft office suite. It is widely used because it is very easy to use and user friendly. You can store your personal information like E-mails (with attachments), Remember your important dates using calendar, Contact details, Some regular tasks and notes in the predefined folders of outlook. In short a perfect personal information management tool.

MS Outlook has Notes by using that you can create notes. It is similar to paper notes but it is in the electronic format. If you are thinking and suddenly you got a new idea then you can write the idea in the notes so that it can be implemented in future. You can use the notes as a reminding tool where you can store questions, ideas, reminders and anything which you can write in the paper notes. You can also save this file or share with others. So isn't it great!

The things you can do by outlook notes are:

  • Create a Notes
  • Share your notes with others
  • Send your notes via e mail

While using the outlook have you face any kind of problems in the outlook. You may have been seen some error codes and messages.


The common error codes and Problems occur like:

  • 0x800CCC00 LOAD_SICILY_FAILED Authentication did not load
  • 0x800CCC0A INCOMPLETE Message download incomplete
  • 0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or incorrect domain on sender's email address
  • 0x800CCC0D CANT_FIND_HOST Cannot locate server
  • 0x800CCC0E FAILED_TO_CONNECT Cannot connect to server
  • 0x800CCC0F CONNECTION_DROPPED Connection closed
  • 0x800CCC10 INVALID_ADDRESS Address not known on server
  • 0x800CCC11 INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST Mailing list not known on server
  • 0x800420CB POP3_NO_STORE Mail cannot be stored on server
  • 0x800CCC90 POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR Client response invalid
  • 0x800CCC96 POP3_NO_MARKED_MESSAGES No messages marked for retrieval.

It is just a small list. You may see other messages and error codes too. These error messages are come due to various reasons. The most common one is the file corruption, infection by viruses, size limit of Microsoft outlook PST files etc.

Outlook has its own file format and it uses the PST files to store all the data which is stored earlier by you. If the Microsoft outlook PST file is corrupted then you will loose all your data. By overcoming this you have to use Outlook PST Recovery Software. PST repair process is very simple and user friendly. The PST repair software is commonly used for recover and repair outlook PST files.

When your outlook PST recovery software execute, it will searches for the corrupted files. After searching if it found some file then it repairs it. If it not found the files then you have to manually give the location of the file. After the repairing is completed, the PST recovery software restores the files at the same location where it was before corruption or deletion. When the restoration process is completed then you can access the files again. All this process is done using wizard so a simple computer known person can also use this software.

In the case of outlook notes, after recovery and repairing process, you can see and access your notes again. For repair outlook PST the easiest way is outlook PST recovery software. So try now the outlook PST recovery software and save your data from being wasted.


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