Repair and Recover Outlook Journal Entries!

If you are using Microsoft outlook then you may have used the journal. It is a very interesting tool and integrated part of the Microsoft outlook. Using this you can automatically track all the files which you have created in the Microsoft office programs. Here is a list which you can do using outlook,

  • Manually record work on any file in the outlook Journal
  • Automatically Database Tracking
  • Meeting requests and responses
  • Find any files or other outlook items like Office documents
  • Manually or automatically record an item in outlook journal like Phone calls, sent and received Emails.

You can automatically record events like Phone Calls, Faxes and so on. You can attach your contacts so you get a record of all the documents, address related to a person. There is a journal function by using you can record almost everything you have done in the outlook. In Short using journal you can do the time tracking of your workdays.

All the files which the outlook saves are in the Microsoft Outlook PST file format. I.e. all the files are saved in .PST file extension. This PST file has a limitation of size. If the size of the file increases to the 2GB size then the file automatically get corrupted. Other possible reasons for corruption of the PST file are virus infection, deletion of the file (accidentally or forcibly) and so on. If by any reason the file is corrupted then you can't see your file again. Now you have to go through the PST repair process.

For this you need to use Outlook PST repair software . It is a one time solution for all of your problems regarding to the outlook PST files. It can repairs as well as recovers the PST files. When you run the program then it will automatically searches the corrupted PST files on your system. After the scan, if it finds any deleted or corrupted PST files then it repair outlook PST file. If the automatic scan can't find the file then you have to give the location of the PST file. After giving the location the PST repair process starts. It may take some time depending up on the size and level of corruption of the Microsoft Outlook PST file. If the corrupted file size is more than 2GB then the time it takes little more time to repair and recover the file.

After the PST file is completed, the new repaired PST file is recovered and restored from the same location where it was before. If you want to store the file in different place then you can do so. After the files are restored completely, you can again access your journal entries.

So if you are facing any kind of problems with your outlook, try outlook


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