Repair & Recover Outlook Calendar Entries!

Microsoft outlook has various things in it. One of them is the calendar in which you can store all your appointments, meetings and dates. It is attached with the contacts and tasks. Using the calendar you can remember and remind all the important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, premium dates and other most important dates. What will you do if your outlook calendar is corrupted? You might loose all your details which you have saved in the calendar.

The Microsoft Outlook PST is the file format in which outlook saves all of its content. If your calendar is corrupted then its mean the Microsoft outlook PST file is corrupted. Now you are on the stage where you can permanently loose all the calendar entries. If you are facing this kind of problem then you need to repair outlook PST file. For this purpose you need the PST recovery software. This software is easily available online and after downloading it you can use it.

Once you have downloaded it, it will open as a window. Some PST recovery software has programmed that when they are executed, they automatically searches and for the corrupted PST files. While in other PST recovery software you have to manually select the corrupted PST file. If you want to store the repaired outlook PST file in the user defined location then you can go for it by clicking the change destination path button. After finding (automatically)/browsing (manually) the files the PST recovery software asks to the user to give the permission for the PST repair process. If you agree then the software repairs the files. After repairing, the new file is stored at the same place where it was stored before or at the user defined location.

Then you can import the repaired file in the respective folder of the outlook. After importing the PST files you can see the files in the folders. The files are ready to use. Now you are understood how the software works. Here are the list of features of the

PST Recovery software perform following activities:

  • Repairs the Corrupted PST files
  • Recovers the password protected files
  • Recovers the pst files whose size is more than 2GB
  • Recovers all the calendar entries and store it again in your calendar
  • Repair and recover attachments which are added with the emails like image or audio/video file

Now you can assure yourself that you can recover all the calendar file entries, like anniversary, birthday, appointments and other saved information. It is one simple solution for all kinds of problems regarding to the Microsoft outlook PST . So download the PST recovery software today and recover all outlook files now in a matter of seconds.


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