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Quick And Easy Solution To Repair PST File Of MS Outlook

For any Microsoft Outlook user, it is very frustrating when they are unable to access important email messages stored on the Outlook application. The email messages that have been stored for offline access all of sudden becomes corrupted. It may also be possible that the new format is not compatible with old files. In such cases, Outlook users keep looking to repair PST file to help them restore back lost email messages and other contents of the Outlook applications. However, to their problem, there are some solution listed below that will help to repair pst file.

Before we start discussing about few recovery tools to repair pst file and retrieve lost files, have a quick look on the brief introduction about PST files.

Know More About PST File

PST file stands for personal storage table that allows you to all your emails, personal address book, templates, signatures, journals, tasks and so on. PST file is an integral part of Microsoft Outlook application. Outlook application is one such amazing software provided by Microsoft corporation to send and receive email messages. PST file is responsible for storing all your important emails and other important contents of the Outlook application. Unfortunately, this PST file is also prone to corruption or damage.

PST files once become inaccessible, all the files stored within it will become corrupted or damaged. Such conditions give rise to the need to repair PST file.

Why Do PST File Become Corrupt ?

A PST file not just allows you to store all the Outlook contents such as emails, personal address book, attachments, templates, signature, journals, etc but also help you in creating back ups of exporting items from one email account to another. However, there is a drawback that your PST file gets corrupted due hardware or software issue and many other similar reasons.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair
Disk Internals Outlook Recovery
DataNumen Outlook Repair

Some Common Outlook PST Errors

If you are an Microsoft Outlook user, these PST corruption errors are easy to recognize :

  • 'Unable to display the folder. The file xxx.pst could not be accessed'.
  • 'The file xxx.pst is not a personal folders file'.
  • 'Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience'.

The above mentioned errors clearly indicate the corruption of PST files which makes the items of Outlook application totally inaccessible for Outlook user, thus giving rise to the need to repair pst file.

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Some Simple Ways To Keep PST File Away From Corruption

There are few simple steps to protect your pst file from corruption. But, jus in case, if gets corrupted then repair pst file is a must task.

Try to make a clean exit from Outlook – on completing your task on Outlook application, you must close the Outlook window properly. Before going for complete system shut down, make sure that Outlook application is properly closed as it may not affect the stored PST files.

Secure Saving Of PST Files At Accessible Location

In order to reduce the probability of damaging events, it is advised to save files on different location other than Server or Network device since PST files are more prone to corruption and damage.

Try To Avoid To Manage Large Volume Of Emails Simultaneously

You must not handle bulk of emails altogether as the bulk items may time and may end up in inaccessibility issue.

Ensure Size Of PST File Before Saving Them

It is very important to ensure the capacity of PST file before saving them. If gets corrupted, repair pst file is required.

Virus Attack

It is always advised to install licensed version of antivirus program on your system so as to counteract against such situations.

Always Make Backup Of PST File Periodically

Creating backup of the PST file is always the most recommended subject by the experts to the user. On any kind of disastrous situation, this backup will help you a lot in recovering lost emails.

All the aforementioned points together states that you are required to maintain in case if you don't want any kind of corruption and damage to your PST file to occur.

PST File Corrupted – What Can Be The Reason ?

PST file plays an important role in Outlook application that if gets damaged can cost you a huge damage. It nearly stores all the components of an Outlook application which includes tasks, calendars, notes, journals, events and so on. But when PST file gets corrupted, all the items saved within it also gets damaged. Then this increases the need to repair pst file. So you can also download scanpst exe 2007 to fix the issue.

Some Common Reasons Leading To Damage Of PST File

Hardware Failure

The hardware failure includes internal storage device, network link promotions, problems in the interface cards, routers, network hubs and other issue. Presence of bad sectors also causes corruption of PST file then repair pst file quickly.

Software Issues

Software issues include virus attack, improper shutting down of Outlook application and other factors as well. In addition to this, fault in recovery tool , lack in expertise of file recovery, incorrect combination of data blocks and so on.

Malware Infection

A virus attack on computer system also lead to corruption of PST file. This corruption can result in inaccessibility of the items stored in PST files. Thus, it is very important to repair pst file in case it gets damaged.

Software To Be Used To Fix Corrupted PST File Issue

Despite of all the precautions taken by user, there still exist some chances which leads to corruption of PST file. In order to deal with problems associated with PST file, there is an in-built utility tool which is called Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair tool which comes along with Outlook application. You can run this utility tool to fix the issue and repair pst file. To some extent Inbox Repair Tool works and is successful, but when the corruption is severe and serious, it does not work. In some severe damage, you need to take assistance from third party tool. Such third party tools are listed here that will furnish swift repair of affected pst file. Have a look on them.

#1. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair : Repair PST File

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is one such amazing recovery tool which is designed by professionals and experts. It includes many features that are advance and uses smart technology to perform recovery. When you have used this software, you will be able to open your mails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and journals right after recovering your PST file. Repair pst file quickly as possible.

The recovery process of the Stellar is quite easy all you have to do is to select corrupt PST file in Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair and click on the Scan Now button then the program will start recovery process. In case, if you are not aware about the exact location of PST file, don't need to worry about since the software provides “find outlook file” feature enabling you to look out where the PST file is saved on your computer. The utility also has included a search option that search your entire hard disk for PST file and shows you the quick results. Stellar is quite handy for non-technicians for those who don’t know where Outlook saves its data file. In this, it is very easy to perform repair pst file operation in such a hassle-free manner.

Unique Features Of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

  • Repairs corrupt Outlook PST file.
  • Recover pst files items like mails, contacts, attachments, tasks, notes, journals, etc.
  • Saves the repaired file in various formats.
  • Repairs encrypted PST files as well.
  • Facilitates compact repaired PST file before saving.
  • Able to split PST file based on mail ID, size, and date before saving it.
  • Provides preview of the recovered mails and other components after scanning.
  • Enhanced scanning algorithm and recovery procedure.
  • Facilitates selective recovery of the mails also.

How To Use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Step: 1

Launch the Stellar recovery software. Choose PST File for Repair option. There will be two options in a dialog box that appears : to 'Browse' and 'Find' to repair corrupt files you wish to.

Step: 2

On clicking Browse button, all the corrupted PST files will be obtained from the computer. Choose PST file and click on 'Repair' to begin the repair process.

Step: 3

Or click Find button in case you don't know the exact location of PST file. Select drives one after another to find PST files. Now, click on Find.

Step: 4

Running status of scanning process will be shown to you.

Step: 5

In the left side tree panel, all recoverable mailbox items will be listed. Here, you can select all or any a specific mailbox item from the list which you want to recover.

Step: 6

At last, click on Save Scan button to save all scanned information of PST file. And thus you need not to scan a damaged PST file again.


#2. Disk Internals Outlook Recovery : Repair PST File

If due to any possible reason like virus infection or any other issue, PST files have been flawed to an extent such that you are not able to access them, restoring a professional software is advisable and is of critical importance. Disk Internals Outlook Recovery is one of the most liked recovery tool that will recover your PST file regardless of whether files are stored on formatted, corrupted or repartitioned disk. With its advance technology, it allows you to recompile fragmented data from different sources. This tool integrates a wizard that assists you in easy and smooth recovery process which will repair pst file.

Disk Internals Outlook Recovery requires you to mention indicate the root cause of your problem so that it can specify the exact matter and start repairing process. Regardless of your choice, you need to know that the program is oriented towards accuracy and efficiency. No matter how damaged your PST files are, it will repair pst files easily.

Features Of Disk Internals Outlook Recovery

  • Easy and simple recovery wizard.
  • Facilitates Windows address book recovery.
  • Recovered files can be saved on the desired location.
  • Helps you to repair all the items of the Outlook application such as journals, tasks, events, notes, calendars, etc.
  • Enables preview of the files before recovery.
  • User friendly and handy email utility.

How To Use Disk Internals Outlook Recovery

Step: 1

Double click to open Disk Internals Outlook Recovery and select corrupted PST file in order to repair pst file.

Step: 2

Now run the scan or Repair process.

Step: 3

Save Repaired PST file to the desired location.


#3. DataNumen Outlook Repair : Repair PST File

DataNumen Outlook Repair is a robust recovery tool which easily recovers items like emails messages, calendars, tasks, events, calendars and so on. It can easily work for several accounts at the same time and allows importing them between different system. It is also best suited to recover password protected emails and to recover password from encrypted Outlook pst files. This wonderful recovery tool allows you to preview the email messages it retrieves so that you have full control on the content that you want to restore. Also, the interface is quite easy and simple to understand. You do not have to spend a lot time in the recovery process in order to repair pst file instantly.

DataNumen Outlook Repair is able to restore all the damaged pst files even if they are severely damaged. This utility tool also provides you an option to locate pst files if its exact location is not known to you. The retrieved Outlook data can be saved at any desired location where ever user want.

Features Of DataNumen Outlook Repair

  • Restores email attachments and other items such as notes, journals, tasks, calendars and so on.
  • Provides find and select PST files to be repaired on the local computer.
  • Provides splitting of the output PST file into several small files.
  • Can recover password protected PST files.
  • Enables repairing of PST files even on corrupted media.
  • Supports recovery of mail messages in plain text, RTF and HTML format.
  • Enables recovery of oversized 2GB PST files.
  • Supports conversion of PST files into various formats.

How To Use DataNumen Outlook Repair

Step: 1

Double click to open DataNumen Outlook Repair software and select the path for corrupted PST file.

Step: 2

Select the location according to you where you want to store recovered PST files.

Step: 3

Or you can also leave the Output file as undefined as the tool will automatically save recovered files in desired format.

Step: 4

Click on Start Repair button to begin scanning process and to repair corrupted PST files.

Step: 5

It will save the recovered items on the specified location. Now, you can open it with Outlook application to view the content.


Evaluate Before You Use The Product

Thereafter, having a look on the above PST problems and the consequences after the corruption of PST file might have put you in dilemma that even the scanpst.exe file cannot solve the issue then what can be the effective alternative. At this point, your confusion has been put to an end since you have gone through few PST recovery tools. However, among these recovery tools, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is one of the best PST recovery tool. Though variety of recovery tools are available in the market but you need to evaluate the product first. Stellar Phoenix is considered as once of the most recommended and effective software in terms of PST recovery. The software is skillful and facilitates many features that make recovery task convenient. Also, you can first try the software then purchase it if satisfied unlike other recovery tools.


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