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Corrupt Outbox

Corrupt Outbox ?

Hi everyone, this is Miranda Wilsons. I am an outlook user and right now suffering from one problem in outlook. I think my I have a corrupt outbox in outlook, it will send email and stays in outbox and keeps resending even though it indicates it was not sent and is not in the sent items. I deleted the outlook dbx file but the problem is still there. Don’t know how to solve this issue. Also want to know how I can move emails from inbox and sent that are not dbx and can be read to store it somewhere else to remove the corruption in boxes. Waiting for a good suggestion!

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Hello Miranda,

To solve this problem first create at least two new folders like old sent & saved mail. Open the sent item and select on or all the messages. Then left click on that and drag it to old sent. Do the same for the inbox to save mail. Then close the outlook and restart it. Now delete the sent items.dbx, outbox.dbx and Inbox.dbx. Theoretically the dbx files have the capacity of 2GB but in order to make your files free from corruption. One more thing is that if you have an anti-virus program installed on your pc that has email scanner to scan all the incoming and outgoing mails then turn it off for a while and try again.

It all these does not works then you need to use the outlook PST repair software to recover any corrupted, inaccessible and lost data which are or were present on your outlook.

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Corrupt Outbox ?

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