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Outlook 2007 Rules in Error - Cannot Reply to Message

Outlook 2007 Rules in Error - Cannot Reply to Message ?

I am using windows vista and outlook 2007 without exchange and so I manually set up my out of office rule. If I set the rule to play a sound at getting the email, it works. But when u set it up to reply using the template that I have already set then I gets the error message that “cannot reply to message”. In my office the same problem is in other PC too. Please suggest if know about this thing.

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Rules are not per account feature and they are per profile feature. I also found is many forums where people have found the problems when trying to reply the messages. Auto reply does not work with the template though any other part of rule will. It does not look a simple problem and you need to wait for the fix that will come from Microsoft and if the problem further existed then you can go and get the opening ticket with Microsoft by paying $259. You can use scanpst.exe or can use the PST Repair software if any kind of corruptions occur in Outlook PST files.

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Outlook 2007 Rules in Error - Cannot Reply to Message ?

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