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Migrating old emails to outlook 2007

Migrating old emails to outlook 2007 ?

Hi. I was an outlook user and I have recently moved towards outlook 2007. Now I want to get my old emails go to the default inbox in outlook. The problem present is that I set up an account linked to the old data which created a new mail file without outlook 2007 features that is not good. Then I tried to imported the file which recreated my prior personal folders in Outlook. Due to these things I have now 3 inboxes with emails with various time periods. How can I take all these mails into outlook 2007 inbox? Please suggest!

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The mails are not opening in your outlook 2007 because the mails contains ANSI PST format where the outlook 2007 knows Unicode PST format. You need to migrate old Email before opening it. Don\'t use the import function from within the outlook to migrate your mail. In many cases this will reset the received time and date on a message. You can use the export function from wih OE, WM or WLM

Steps to migrate the mails are:

  • Open Outlook 2007
  • Open outlook 2000 or the version that you use prior and click on the file > Export > Messages. . . to export the messages to outlook
  • Confirm the dialog box and select the folder where you want to export the files. In your case select the inbox of outlook 2007
  • Now all you have to do is to wait and watch. It will take time according to size of the emails.

Don\'t forget to take the backup of all the old PST files because it will be used if any accident happens. If any corruption occurred while doing these operations then you can use outlook PST Repair to get back everything just like before.

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Migrating old emails to outlook 2007 ?

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