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Outlook 2003 Lost Password

Outlook 2003 Lost Password ?

Bonjour Everyone, I am a outlook user and it sound really silly but I forget the password that I had set on My Outlook 2003 PST files. Now I have also downloaded the tool from Microsoft but it does not work well and I am stilling looking for a cheap and useful software that recover my outlook 2003 lost password. If anyone knows more about any software program that can help me then please suggest me the name or the sites from where I can find it. Merci.

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Microsoft outlook 2003 is a personal information manager. The Microsoft office outlook 2003 was released on 21 October 2003 that came along with office 2003 and also bundled with the Exchange Server 2003. Since you are a outlook user for a long time then you must be used all different things that outlook 2003 provides. Applications like email, calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Notes, Journal and web browsing are the things for which outlook is popular in the world.

Suffering from Password lost issues is a common problem that is faced by people if they don\'t use software programs like password managers. Some people take precautions and write those passwords in some notes or on the paper but if someone find these things then he or she will easily access their personal outlook files.

To recover lost outlook 2003 password you need to use outlook Password recovery softwares. One of them is the Outlook PST Repair. It is a multipurpose outlook recovery program that not only recovers corrupted PST files but also able to recover the passwords from the Password protected PST files. You can download it from from

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Outlook 2003 Lost Password ?

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