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How do I restore a deleted NOTE?

How do I restore a deleted NOTE? ?

My outlook has many unusable files that I was deleting one by one. I deleted some old calendar entries, some useless emails and notes. By mistake I have deleted some notes which were really important for me and now I want to recover my notes back. Have Any suggestions?

Answer 1

If you have performed the hard delete i.e. the permanent delete then it will not be in the deleted items folder. To Fix this problem you can use the Microsoft Fix it from Microsoft Website or copy-paste the link “” to your internet browser to download this file.

You can also fix this problem by yourself. To do so,

  • Start Registry Editor by typing regedt32 in Run Dialog box.
  • Locate and then click the following key in registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Exchange\\Client\\Options
  • On the Edit menu, click on Add value and then add the following registry value,
    • Value Name: DumpsterAlwaysOn
    • Data type: DWORD
    • Value data: 1
  • Close Registry Editor

If you don\'t want to perform these steps and simply want your deleted files back then you need to use outlook PST repair software that can repair as well as recover the deleted outlook items like emails, notes etc. you can download it on the software selling sites. Its trial is available that you must need to download and use to be satisfied with the software. After installing the software, the user manual is also installed in your computer. You can see the steps to use this software from there.

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How do I restore a deleted NOTE? ?

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