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How do I transfer my inbox from Outlook 2000 to 2007

How do I transfer my inbox from Outlook 2000 to 2007 ?

Hello people over here. I have recently purchase my new laptop of Dell which has pre-installed windows vista Home Premium. According to vista I have moved towards Microsoft Office 2007 from Office 2000. I am an outlook user for a long time and now I have office outlook 2007. I want to transfer my inbox from outlook 2000 to outlook 2007 but don’t know the right way to do it. If anyone knows about it then please tell me how to do it? Thanks!

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Hi. To transfer your outlook 2000 inbox to outlook 2007, you must need to be familiar with the PST files, how to backup them and how to restore them. Other than this you can also import and export PST files that contain all your files.

To Backup PST File you just need to copy the PST file to a safe location while the outlook is closed. The safe locations may be your hard drive, external drive, USB, CD, DVD or other devices.

Restore PST File – To restore your PST file, copy the file to the location where you want to work it like. Make sure that it is unchecked the “read only” file attribute by right clicking the file and choosing the property. Next open the outlook and connect the file by choosing File > Open > Outlook Data File. This way you can check if the backup was correct or not.

Import PST File

To do this you can follow two ways. First is the automatic way using the wizard or manually dragging and dropping. Before importing, restore the PST file, copy the file to the location you want to work with it like C:\\My Documents\\My Outlook\\Temp. make sure that the read only attribute is unchecked.

Restore through import and export wizard

  • Choose File > Import and Export
  • Choose Import from another program or file
  • Choose the PST file
  • Browse to the location where you have restored the PST file
  • Set the options to “include subfolders” and “import items into the same folder in:” and select the folder that is listed as outlook Today folder set in the Dropdown list
  • Press finish to complete the import
  • Restart outlook and remove PST file from Temp directory (if desired)

Restore Manually

  • Choose File > Open > Outlook Data File
  • Browse the location where you have restored the PST file
  • Expand the list where additional set of folders are listed and select the inbox folder from here
  • Now select the messages you want to restore to the inbox folder
  • Drag & Drop them to default inbox folder
  • If you want your contacts to be backed up then you can also follow these steps with your contacts folder

Export PST File

You can export the files using these steps:

  • Choose file > Import and Export
  • Choose export a file
  • Choose the PST file
  • Select the Inbox and press Next
  • See the location to c:\\My documents\\backup\\export.pst
  • Select finish and you will be promoted to set properties for the export.pst file
  • In the name field type a name
  • Press OK to start exporting
  • After finishing this close everything and then start outlook to see the changes.

Follow these steps in order to transfer outlook 2000 Inbox to outlook 2007.


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How do I transfer my inbox from Outlook 2000 to 2007 ?

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