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Recovering calendar items

Recovering calendar items ?

I have created more than 100 entries in my outlook calendar and now when I was trying to recover the archived item, I did not find anything which outlook is providing to make a backup of those items. I want those items. I have turn off the auto archive and just want to recover them as soon as possible. Please suggest me how to do this process. Thanks!

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Microsoft Outlook has many useful applications and one of them is the Microsoft Outlook calendar. It is simply the best application to maintain the appointments, meetings and remember important dates. The calendar is associated with the outlook tasks to easily remember important information through alerts. With this you never forget those important dates. But if any corruption occurs in the outlook calendar then you may lose all those data that you have entered in the calendar.

To recover the calendar entries you need to use the third party utilities like outlook PST Repair software. It is a professional tool that can recover all the files present in the outlook like PST files and OST files. If you don\'t know then the outlook saves everything in those huge PST files and if these get corrupted then you need to repair these files. So if you want to save the files or if you are suffering from the corruption then you need to download the outlook PST Repair software. The manual is also provided about how to use the software. You can read it and perform the recovering of calendar items very easily.

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Recovering calendar items ?

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