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Error Msg \"Offline Address Book not available...\" for meeting request

Error Msg \"Offline Address Book not available...\" for meeting request ?

Hi everyone. My system environment is outlook 2003 SP3, Exchange 2007 server, windows xp pro SP3. Today when I attempt to create a meeting request and click on scheduling tab to see when the invitees are available then I get an error message that says “The operation cannot be completed because the offline address book is not available. Download a copy of the offline address book.” If I turn off the Cached Exchange Mode, the problem get solved but the response time is extremely slow. If I turn on the feature then the problem reappears. Any ideas about how to get the scheduling tab when in cached Exchange Mode. Thanks.

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The Offline Address contains the properties of a user such as email addresses that Microsoft Office Outlook requires in order to send an e-mail message and display information about the user. Using this outlook don\'t have to connect to Exchange in order to resolve names or open the records for each user. This reduces network traffic and improves the performance.

If you left running your outlook in Cached Exchange Mode then it updates the offline address book automatically about once a day, depends upon Address Book updates on the server running Exchange. To initiate these updates manually,

  • On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive and then click Download Address Book
  • Under Information to Download , click Full Details (recommended) or No Details

If the problem further exists then contact to your mail administrator and ask if there is an offline Address Book Configured on the Exchange Server. If you have recently installed any add-ins in outlook then try disabling them first and check if the problem persists or not. You can use the PST Repair software in case you feel that your outlook have faced any corruptions.

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Error Msg \"Offline Address Book not available...\" for meeting request ?

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