Fix Unknown Error 0x80040119!

Looking for ways to resolve unknown error 0x80040119?

Do you get error in reading/writing or deleting emails from outlook?

Want to know how to resolve error 0x80040119?

These days wide scale use of email client Microsoft Outlook can be seen whether its office or home. they are ought to be one of the most robust and reliable of all, still as we all know problem is not restricted to particular application, it can take place at anytime irrespective of what version application is it and such others.

Similar is the case with outlook it is quite possible that all of sudden while working with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003 or 2002 in Windows XP or Vista system you come across a message as unknown error occurred 0x80040119. It can either when you read, send or receive email. If such an error occurs, chances are there that the Microsoft Outlook PST files which stores all your email, contact, appointment, notes and journals is facing difficulty in providing the data and information that Outlook requires.

In order to sort out this issue and repair PST file Microsoft inbox repair tool is often the recommended, but then again it is not that easy. Especially because of its inability to repair PST files larger than 2GB etc. This further increases the trouble.

Owing to the fact that PST file data is vital error 0x80040119 needs to be resolve in the earliest possible time. Also if the problem persists it may result into permanent data loss due to corruption which is just impossible to bear. Professional application is required to tackle this situation like that of Outlook PST repair software. It is capable of recovering loss PST files, repairing the damaged and corrupted ones and many alike including that of Outlook error code 0x80040119.


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