Get Rid of Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f!

Whenever you try to send or receive email, you may get error message like-

“Send receives error 0x800ccc0f.” 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact the server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).

You encounter with such type of send receive error when you try to send or receive email and Microsoft Outlook application cannot establish a connection with e-mail server. Server unexpectedly interrupted and you will not be able to receive or send email messages. This is generally caused when you try to send email through an SMTP connection.

There are some reasons which is responsible for such error messages like—

  • If your mail server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Your account setting is incorrect.
  • An e-mail item is damaged.
  • When message size limit is larger than the size limit of the SMTP connection.
  • Important cause is Antivirus scanning email and antispam scanner as well.

Now to fix this error message you have to make sure that Antivirus setting is right. There may be some problem in Antivirus program setting. Network connection may be the problem due to virus and it cause corruption in e-mail items and this is also become the reason for this error when you try to send or receive e-mail.

Later on this problem may create big issue like loss of any specific e-mail item or corruption in Outlook application which means ultimate data inaccessibility from application and thus you find yourself in data loss situation. All stored PST object are really very important for you and you want to save it.

To fix this error message and save out MS outlook application you need to repair that PST file which contain damage e-mail item. For this you can use third party outlook PST repair software. This is professional software which is designed with advanced program which can repair corrupted PST easily without making effect on other stored items in PST file.


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