Fix Scanpst Error of Outlook!

Are you facing error is using scanpst.exe to repair the corrupted PST files?

Have your attempt to repair PST file with Scanpst.exe failed with fatal error 80040900/80040818 or so?

Looking for how to resolve scanpst.exe not found error?

Various causes from minor to more complex ones like virus infection, application corruption, crossing file size limitation and such others are there that can make your PST files corrupted. When corruption takes place in the PST file it cannot be accessed and thus it becomes unusable by Outlook. PST files are prone to getting corrupted; there is actually a wide list of Outlook PST file errors, faced by users from time to time, some of them include

  • An unknown error has occurred
  • Client error: 0x80040600
  • Fatal error: 80040900
  • Errors have been detected in the file
  • Messaging interface has returned an unknown error
  • Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
  • Outlook.pst cannot be found/opened/accessed
  • Outlook.pst is not a personal folder file

Anytime you get this error, a message along or immediately after it suggesting that use Inbox repair tool to fix the error is send by outlook. Microsoft inbuilt tool or inbox repair tool also known as scanpst.exe is not able to fix the problem excepting few very minor ones. Some cases are there in which even it can’t detect the error though Outlook says there is an error, so fixing that is far above its ability.

While using scanpst.exe one of the following error is likely to be faced and even if it works the PST files data is truncated or lost.

  • Scanpst.exe not found
  • Scanpst.exe is in use by another program
  • Scanpst fails with error 80040806
  • Freezing of scanpst during repair
  • Scanpst.exe fails with fatal error 80040818
  • An error has occurred stopping the scan process
  • Scanpst encountered an error, the file is not modified
  • “The procedure entry point [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library MSSAPI32.dll”

This make the PST file completely unusable and since inbox repair tool fails the only way to get access to Outlook PST file is repairing them with powerful and skilled Outlook PST repair software. First of all its scans the file applying its high end scanning algorithm on the damaged or corrupted PST file, locates and extracts data and saves them into a new PST file.


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