Fix Reported Rrror 0x800ccc92 of Outlook!

Are you facing error in accessing your outlook account through exchange server?

What causes problems in logging onto email server?

Want to know how to fix sending and receiving reported error 0x800ccc92?

Outlook is an email application that can either work as a standalone application or with Microsoft exchange server, at a high performing speed with efficiency. Sometimes, outlook express and outlook repeatedly prompt for password while checking messages on exchange server based computer. Basically when you try to retrieve a message from email sever either POP3 or IMAP error message, described below may be displayed-

There was a problem logging onto your email server.

Your password was rejected.

Account:’ (1)’,

Server:’’, Protocol: POP3,

server Response:’-ERR logon failure: unknown user name or password.’

Port 110, Secure (SSL): Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error number: 0x800CCC92

So, it seems to be the case of incorrect password or username, if you want you can double check it however you will find it all right still the error regarding user name and password is just confusing and frustrating for users a lot as their work is completely stopped and they cannot receive or send emails as every time the same Reported error 0x800ccc92 keeps displaying.

A very true fact about this error is that it is simply not the result of user fault rather a bug that occurs due to use of two products of Microsoft in association with each other, particularly when shared files of the application become corrupt say exchange server 2000 with Outlook which and can sometimes be fixed by using Exchange server service pack 2.

Besides these, it has also been found to be resulting from viruses and spyware which may affect the core functionality and ability of connecting Outlook to email server and when it happens so, password is also changed and the user keeps receiving reported 0x800ccc92 error in turn rendering outlook unusable and the PST file data inaccessible.

At this point of time it really becomes important for the user to anyhow get access to their email account to carry on their work and avoid loss of valuable emails. Uninstalling and reinstalling is not the recommended solution as this could let you loose entire outlook PST file data.

So, in order to resolve this sending and receiving reported error 0x800ccc92, one of the only ideal ways is to scan and repair PST files with the very efficient and advanced Outlook PST repair software.

Firstly it scans the file for errors with its highly skilled algorithm, fixes it along with restoring data in a new usable PST file.


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