Messaging Interface has Returned an Unknown Error!

Are you getting messaging interface has returned an unknown error in outlook?

Are you unable to send email?

Do you want to know how to fix messaging interface has returned an unknown error

Outlook has actually made the work of email management, sending and receiving etc easier than ever thought of. Still, however reliable and skillful features any application has it is not totally free from problem. Owing to this, errors in outlook seem to be a common occurrence particularly due to viruses and several application related issues.

This is why sometimes when a message is forwarded from outlook usually used on exchange server; an error shows up as-

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

Although it is mostly found in outlook 2002, it may also take place in outlook 2003 and 2007.

The error may take place due to one of the following reason-

  • Default delivery set to .pst (personal folder) or an offline (.ost) file is in use
  • Forwarding message in outlook rich text format (RTF) with an attachment included
  • Saving to drafts enabled after a lapse of 3 minutes or when save is clicked
  • Message modified after saving to drafts
  • When message is send or saved from file menu –‘save’.
  • Damages in the application or PST file

Besides these, large sized outlook PST file is another major cause giving rise to the “messaging interface has returned an unknown error”. Till the problem is resolved it is actually not possible to send/receive emails or access other file components. To get back .pst files as normal and carry out other processes efficiently repairing PST files is of outmost importance. This can be done with highly skilled and advanced PST repair software.

By applying equipped and efficient scanning and data extracting techniques, it becomes relatively easy for to restore data from the file into a new PST with all entries recreated and data intact. It is compatible with different versions of outlook including 2007. So, if you are facing this unknown error, try and fix it now by scanning and repairing the errors detected.


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