Fix MS Outlook Unknown Error 0x800ccc79!

Are you unable to send email?

Have your outlook express mail sending or receiving capability prevented by error 0x800ccc79?

Do you want to know what does error number 0x800ccc79 mean and how to resolve it?

Email applications are meant to simplify the task of email management and things goes alright till you don’t face any problem. However it is hard to deny the fact that errors are inevitable, can occur anytime without the users even aware of it. It starts affecting the working slowly and it is clear only after you receive error messages with different error number. This further increases the problem of user as the error number say, 0x800ccc79 whatever the messages are; it is not easily understood or can be easily fixed.

The message actually says – The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ‘[email protected]’.subject, account:’, server:’, protocol: SMTP, server response: 550 [email protected] we server error: 550, error number 0x800ccc79.

Error number 0x800ccc79 is particularly related to sending and receiving problems of emails and is so supposed to be the server related settings. Sometimes configuration issues of outlook express or server authentication can lead to error 0x800ccc79..

Such issue usually arises if SSL is configured to be used by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and it can be resolved by bypassing SLL. This can be done by unchecking the box against “the server requires a secure connection”, both for outgoing (SMTP) and incoming (POP3) mail, from advanced settings of account -> properties. After this has been done, restarting Outlook express will fix the issue..

Apart from this, there are situations in which error 0x800ccc79 only stop you from sending email and the receiving task goes on as usual. To overcome this problem you should use log in using username and password authenticated by SMTP server by checking “my server requires authentication” box from server properties of extra menu -> accounts..

Mostly the error is resolved with one of the above attempt, if not it may be resulting from missing or corrupted application components, viruses or so. But this is not that important most important for you is to get access to your data and Outlook express account which can easily be done with the help of third party application. They employ most sophisticated algorithm that analyses the corrupted files, repair and extract data safely, efficiently and quick as well.


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