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Do you get error 0x800ccof when trying to send/receive email in outlook?

Can error 0x800ccof make PST file unusable?

How can error 0x800ccof be fixed?

If at any point of time you come across error 0x800ccof it is quite sure that it won’t allow you send or receive emails through outlook, outlook express and Windows mail in Vista.

The message received in that case is-

Task ‘server name-sending and receiving’ reported error (0x800ccof):’ the connection to the server was interrupted.
It happens when antivirus email protection utility is enabled as per which every email coming from POP3 server is scanned. According to it, error 0x800ccof occurs because the email is scanned by the antivirus software, besides this anti spam scanners may also lead to it.

So, disabling email scanning or increasing timeout settings would fix the issue. In addition to it, it is important to check whether firewall is allowing the scanning program to get connected to internet.

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes of this include server problems, network problems or a long period of inactivity. Account. account name, server:’server name’, Protocol: POP3, server response:’+OK’, port: 110, secure (SSL): No, Error number: 0x800cccof. In cases when you receive this error, it is possible that the message is larger in size as compared to what it should be as per the email size limit of the SMTP connection and having the latest service pack of windows may help in resolving it.

Additionally, a new SSL security is used in windows mail other than used by old newsgroup and this difference prevents from establishing connection as authentication could not be completed successfully.

Problem is working mechanism of outlook is almost certain due to this and continued problems particularly disabling anti spam protection can make outlook vulnerable to attack and at high risk of getting corrupted. If ever do you face problems is accessibility of Outlook PST files, without much wait it is necessary to repair it such that data is restored efficiently and your work don’t get hampered, also you can continue sending and receiving messages which for the time being was deferred due to error 0x800ccof.

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