Get Rid of Unknown Error 0x800cc0f!

Error message 0x800cc0f stops to send or receive email?

Possible way to fix this error?

Microsoft outlook user receive Error message 0x800cc0f when trying to send email. After this error message outlook users are not able to send email. Users get this error message when application cannot locate server. Users are not able to send email messages. Possible cause for such error is server problem, network problem and Email scanning by antivirus program is sometimes becomes the reason for this error. Scanning of emails slow down sending and receiving of messages, sometime it is enough that OE time out.

This is the problem which is completely moved around antivirus setting and problem. By chancing setting of scanning of email you can try to fix this Error number 0x800cc0f. But there is one more reason which is responsible for this time out and 0x800cc0f error is sometime some of the received messages have large attachment often virus which create problem in sending and receiving emails. Virus attack on PST file damage and corrupt PST file which make Outlook application and mailbox folder inaccessible and it create problem in sending and receiving emails. Not only this, but there are huge chances of losing email and other stored object in PST file. Virus corrupt PST files which is the storage container of emails locally. You know emails are how important for you.

To fix out this error message 0x800cc0f and to send or receive email without any problem then you need to repair PST file which has been corrupted and to do so you can use easy to use professional PST repair tool. You can use Microsoft provided outlook inbox repair tool but at this position, it won’t be able to fix this problem because PST file may be severely corrupted and inbox repair tool cannot solve severe corruption issue in data. This is powerful and professional tool which can solve out corruption and corruption related problem. First it thoroughly scans PST file and find out error in it and correct it. Whether the corruption is in header file or there is severely corruption in data this tool is quite efficient to repair PST file.

After repair process, now you will be able to send or receive email messages and hopefully not receive 0x800cc0f error. Resolve this problem in Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007 etc.


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