Get Rid of Outlook Error 0x800cc90!

Are you getting error 0x800cc90 while accessing email account?

What does error 0x800cc90 mean?

Want a solution for server error 0x800cc90?

Many a times while logging on to Microsoft exchange server with secure password protection, error 0x800cc90 is received. After the connection fails you can know the details from the error tab which is -

Unable to logon to the server using distributed password authentication.

Account: ’company POP3 server accnt’


Protocol: POP3 Server response:

‘ERR the AUTH protocol exchange was cancelled by the client.’

port: 110, secure (SSL): NO, server Error: 0x800cc90, error number 0x800ccc18

By going through the application event log of exchange server computer- you get an error as “the requested mailbox is not available on this server”.

It is so because the outlook express POP3 client is unable to access the mailbox. Such problem is accessing can either because either the mailbox is not available or a custom recipient with the same name in exchange server organization is using it. As a result of it the server accesses the custom recipient first other than your mailbox.

So, on a whole the result of server error 0x800cc90 is

  • Incorrect setting of email account
  • Scan settings of antivirus program is not correct
  • Email account and settings is corrupted

When such a problem takes place, the file in which personal folders are stored gets corrupted and it is not possible to process emails either it is sending, receiving, deleting or reading. And the same error 0x800cc90 keeps displaying. Not only it marks an end to functionality of sending emails but also any existing files accessibility is not possible. To resolve this problem and to bring back PST files in normal working state it has to be scanned first and subsequently getting it repaired with third party tools.


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