Get Rid of outlook Error Code 0x80048002!

Want to know why error 0x800048002 is not allowing delivery of messages?

How to resolve error 0x80048002?

Why error message is displayed when PST or OST is opened from Microsoft Outlook?

The file size limit of earlier versions of Outlook PST and OST file including Outlook 2002 is 2 GB. When such a situations arises email delivery to that personal folder or offline folder stops or it can be said that no other items can now stored in it.

The Outlook PST files are prone to getting corrupted when its size increases more than 2GB. This is the reason why mail delivery is not done but no messages stating the basic cause is actually told to the user. Except that it can be resolved by using latest service pack of Microsoft XP.

But, it hardly happens as expected because after applying the fix and once again trying to deliver message to a .pst file which is approximately full i.e. of size 1.82 GB or so, Outlook shows the error message as –“Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server-Receiving’ reported error (0x8004060c)” in the send/receive progress dialog box.

This not so common error code indicates that email can’t be send to inbox as the PST file is full. Also, if you try to store any other items contacts and appointment in that PST file, it will tell “the file name has reached its maximum size, delete files no longer needed”.

Similarly while attempting to send email to a full .ost file, send/receive progress dialog box displays error as-

Task’ Microsoft Exchange server’ reported error (0x00040820):”Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the deleted items folder.

After you receive such an error and then Microsoft Outlook is started to open personal folders (.pst) or offline (.ost) file, you receive a message as-“Errors have been detected in the file/ quit all mail enabled application and use Inbox repair tool. But inbox repair tool is not at all able to overcome this problem as its capability is restricted to repairing files with size less than 2 GB which is not the case here.

So in order to overcome this problem and fix error 0x80048002 you actually require efficient Outlook PST repair software. It has strong algorithm and inbuilt features to extract data from the PST file by extensively scanning the file and recreating all entries into a new usable PST or OST file.


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