Fix Unknown Error 0x80040154 of Outlook!

Are you getting unknown error 0x80040154?

Want to know why you are receiving reported error 0x80040154?

How to resolve error 0x80040154?

Outlook in spite of being an advanced and efficient email application is not completely free of error. In some case when user clicks on send/receive in Microsoft Outlook 2002, message as “unknown error 0x80040154” is shown. Occurrence of this and such other error signifies problems in application which it is facing in execution. This results in inaccessibility of the Outlook PST files and it is really necessary to find out its cause and retrieve and access data from the .pst file.

Also the same receiving reported error 0x80040154 continues to display every time an attempt to read or send email is made. It happens so because of corruption in Microsoft Outlook express installation. As outlook 2002 uses several files that are installed and used by outlook express.

In order to fix this problem you may have to remove and reinstall outlook express. This is again a complicated process in which you first have to make all system files and file extensions visible, uninstalling and such other particularly saying of deleting the registry key. Since registry key occupies a central function in overall working of system, manipulating it may cause irreparable damage. So, a better alternative would be reinstalling the application and later you can scan and repair PST using repair PST software. This way you will not loose data and continue sending and receiving emails as normal.


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