Fix Error 0x800ccc69 of MS Outlook!

Are you unable to send emails through outlook?

Do you get unknown error 0x800ccc69 every time you try to send email?

Want to know how to resolve outlook error 0x800ccc69?

Certain situations are there in which you may not be able to send emails from outlook and outlook express on Windows XP home edition; however there is certainly no problems in receiving emails. The error message comes up as-

Unable to deliver message due to communication failure
Unknown error 0x800ccc69 SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND

Such a problematic issue may be due to improper configuration of firewall settings from zero knowledge system Inc. It is usually seen in Microsoft office outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2002 &Outlook 2000 standard edition and outlook express 6.0.

If configuration changes are able to sort out the problem, things become comparatively easy. In rest cases fixing error 0x800ccc69 is definitely not at all easy particularly because it is called as an unknown error and Microsoft does not include solution for it.

The very first step would indeed be checking the SMTP settings; incorrect setting may lead to above mentioned and such other problems. Malformed messages and other caustic components i.e. virus, spy ware, malware or a corrupted program can be behind difficulty in sending messages. If outlook is corrupted that means the PST files accessible with outlook is also corrupted.

Thus it has to be reinstalled and it may lead to critical data loss situation if the PST error is not fixed. Thanks to PST repair software, which is really one of the most advanced tool which not only scan the errors but also locate and extract data restoring them into a new PST file. It works on the basis of highly sophisticated algorithm ensuring complete recovery safely as it is read only in nature.


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