Get Rid of Outlook Error 0x800ccc67!

Are you unable to send or receive emails because of error 0x800ccc67?

Why do error 0x800ccc67 displays while sending and receiving messages.

How to fix error message 0x800ccc67 of outlook?

Sending and receiving emails on computer through email client outlook and outlook express offers easy management of data and information. But no matter how reliable a system or application is it can anytime get into problems. Occurrence of any such problem will adversely affect its functioning and one or more useful purpose served by it no more exists. For instance when error 0x800ccc67 is generated while trying to send or receive messages.

The message displayed is, “connection could not be made as the server refuses to do so” with error number 0x800ccc67. This error received during sending and receiving process indicates that outlook is unable to establish connection with the server. If this is the problem with connection no doubt it can be corrected by verifying the settings for internet connection. Check it by opening some other sites or so.

Most importantly if you installed any new antivirus software you need to check that its settings allow outlook to connect to server. If these attempts to fix error 0x800ccc67 fail you should preferably not try and access outlook, as it may lead to some irreparable damage to the PST files and its data unavailable and inaccessible.

Different file components and Addins play vital role in connection establishment, and so if they are damaged or missing, connection to server is not possible and so is sending or receiving emails. Complete reinstall of outlook is recommended as a fix for the problem, followed by this it must out rightly be repaired and the data restored into a new PST file. For this a powerful skilled program is required like PST repair software. It extensively and thoroughly scan the files for retrieval of data efficiently.


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