Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc18!

Have you been unable to either send/receive emails through outlook express?

Are you unable to log into Outlook express receiving error 0x800ccc18?

Want to know how to solve this problem and get back access to your PST file?

Transferring information has become quite simple with emails, sending and receiving emails is a very common thing, most of the users prefer using email application like outlook and outlook express as besides proper management of emails many other tasks can be managed with it efficiently. But, it is very unfortunate for users that they face several errors at different point of time, particularly while sending and receiving messages and making it impossible to carry out work on time.

As for instance consider a particular situation in which, user tries logging with secure password authentication in to Microsoft exchange server with outlook express but login fails and a message pops up as –

Error 0x800ccc18: Unable to log onto server using distributed password authentication.
Along with that details as described below is shown- Account:’company POP3 server Acnt.’’,
Server Response:-‘ERR the AUTH protocol exchange was canceled by the client.’ Port: 110, secure (SSL): NO, sever Error: 0x800ccc90, error number 0x800ccc18.

One of the most common reasons for this error to take place is incorrect email configuration so verify and correct it. You should preferably restart the system and connect once again after rechecking the username and password.

Occurrence of such an error is really problematic moreover if its lasts for long it is likely to disturb overall functioning of outlook express. Also the data from the file does not remain accessible. At this point of time along with resolving error it is necessary for to get accessibility to files which contains collection of valuable files notes, appointments, contacts and calendar. In order to do so, you can opt for third party software. It has powerful scanning searching ability with which it can repair and retrieve data in all cases severely damaged and corrupted.


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