Fix Outlook Unknown Error 0x800ccc15!

Are you unable to send/receive email from your Outlook account?

Are you receiving reported error 0x800ccc15?

Looking for a solution for unknown error 0x800ccc15?

Sending and receiving emails is one of the main function performed by outlook and this is also the time when the application can either get damaged or chances of it getting affected is at peak. When such a problem occurs functioning of outlook comes to a standstill which is very annoying for users. It is when you receive error in attempt to send or receive email. Many such errors are there that can actually be received, including that or unknown error 0x800ccc15.

Unknown error 0x800cc15 is shown when Outlook fails to establish connection with email server and so the messages can’t be received or delivered. This may take place on account of one of the following reason

  • Missing internet or network connection or temporarily unavailability of mail server
  • Incorrect account settings
  • Damaged outlook profile
  • Damaged email item
  • Incorrect antivirus software configuration
  • Outlook installation damaged or not found in computer

Whatever may be the reason, ultimately it makes outlook unusable due to which PST files cannot be accessed. After the problem is detected, it needs to be resolved in one of the following way as-

  • Checking network connection
  • Validating account settings
  • Deleting causative emails
  • Verifying antivirus settings
  • And if the application is damaged, it has to be reinstalled.

Reinstalling will fix the problem but the data stored in PST is lost or missing. The PST files then has to be scanned for detecting errors and fixing the same. Outlook PST repair software being one of the advanced and efficient program repairs and restore data from .pst file and now that it is available and accessible.


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