Get Rid of Outlook Error Code 0x8007000e!

Having problems in sending/receiving emails?

Does error message x8007000e pop up every time you try to send email?

Want to fix error x8007000e?

No system or applications however reliable it is, is free from problems likewise is the case of outlook users every now and then come across such errors. It is particularly found in the attempt of sending and receiving email although some get resolved easily while others leave no option other than using PST repair application one such error is - 0x8007000e

In some of the cases you encounter the message as “sending and receiving reported error (0x8007000e): Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again” still the messages can be processed without any difficulty, however it is not a normal behavior.

    The error message specified may be the result of
  • MAPI32.dll corruption,
  • Damage or corruption in the inbox emails or account

You may or may not be aware that MAPI32.dll forms a critical module of Windows Messaging API or MAPI. Any sort of damage taking place is surely going to create complicated situation. But the data emails and other items present inside the PST file contain are source of valuable information and one may not even think of loosing it, so this problem has to be sorted with efficient PST repair tool.

    Varying with the cause of 0x8007000e error you need to follow these-
  • Use MAPI repair tool to fix MAPI.dll corruption by browsing the location C:\Windows\System32 folder
  • Deleting the corrupted email and if you don’t want to scan to detect and fix the issue
  • Creating new profile, if it is damaged

For scanning and fixing the PST file error, PST repair software is useful. It’s advanced and sophisticated algorithm extract and locate data and restore it is a new PST file. It’s one of the most powerful and efficient tool that ensures complete repair and recovery in safe and easy way.


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