Fix Outlook Error 0x80040600!

Unable to send/receive emails from outlook email account?

Are you getting 0x80040600 unknown error occurred and messaging interface has returned an unknown error while processing email?

Want to know the cause and solution of 0x80040600 error?

Problems can occur at anytime without user acknowledgement and when it occurs it is quite frustrating as it puts user in difficult situation by creating hindrance in their work. One such example is that of error 0x80040600 with error message as “an unknown error occurred” or “messaging interface has caused/returned an unknown error.

It happens when you try to read or delete email and can also been when you click either send/receive in outlook. This problem has particularly been associated with outlook 2002 standard edition, office outlook 2003 and office outlook 2007 used on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Basically what happens is that, when user clicks on an email for reading or sending, error message is displayed as- An unknown error has occurred 0x80040119
An unknown error has occurred 0x80040600

Also, when you try deleting a message it says –messaging interface has caused an unknown error. This keeps on occurring so consistently ever again you try.

Error 0x80040600 is a core outlook error which occurs due to damages in the outlook package where the personal folders are stored by the program. It is the store house of all your emails and other PST file contents starting from contacts, notes, calendars and all others. Since the file which contains the ‘personal folders’ is corrupted, it is not at possible to access email, either sending or receiving. This is why messaging interface has returned an unknown error message keeps showing preventing you from doing what you are supposed to and functioning ability of outlook ends resulting in inaccessibility of PST file and its data, which in spite of being present are inaccessible state and unavailable for required purpose.

To get PST file data, a thorough file scan is required and that can be done with advanced PST repair software. It restores and repairs outlook PST files thereby restoring them in functional state and available to you for use. This way error can be resolved after corruption problem is sorted out.


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