Import a recovered PST in Microsoft Outlook!

When you use the outlook PST repair software, it repairs the Microsoft outlook PST file. When this process completes then it is stored on your hard drive. Now in order to use the repaired file again, you need to import the recovered Outlook PST file in the Microsoft Outlook. Once the repaired files are imported, you can use the file again.

You need to follow some steps for import the PST file:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to the File menu and click on Open.
  • Click on the Outlook Data File or select Open Outlook data file option from context menu of folder pane.
  • Go to the location where the PST file is stored and click on OK.
  • The selected file add to the folder list pane as new profile


Now when the file is shown in the folder pane then you need to do some other steps.

  1. Go on the file menu and click Import and Export. If the menu is not available, hover your pointer over the chevrons at the bottom of the menu and then click on Import and Export.
  2. Click import from another program and then click next.
  3. Click on the Personal Folder (.PST), and then Click Next.
  4. Give the Path and the name of the .PST file that you want to import and then click next.
  5. Select the folder that you want to import, select the top of the hierarchy to import everything, and then click on finish.

If you follow these steps correctly then you will be able to access your files again. There are certain things you need to remember while importing the repaired files

  • Try to import the files in the new profile. This way you can prevent you data to be duplicated.
  • If you take the backup on regular time interval and if you feel that some file is lost and you are again trying to import the files then it may possible that you create a duplicate copy.
  • Importing the PST file is a one time process and if once the process completed successfully then you don't need to run the process again otherwise you will have a duplicate copy of the files. It might possible that there are duplicate copies of documents also created like duplicate emails, attachments or other connected files.

So be careful while doing this process and make sure that you don't create the duplicate copy.


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