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Common .pst File Questions - Outlook PST Repair

Common .pst File Questions

PST corruption problem and repair is the most common error which now and then every user get connected to. All those users using Outlook have many common questions regarding their outlook performance, PST files, OST files and how can they make there outlook pst data more synchronized and compact to avoid any data loss. But corruption is not under control of anyone and it happens that you face the problem of your outlook performance. Either it be your 2GB pst file problem, or your exchange server problem or your PST file corruption problem. Here are some common questions which are there in everyone’s mind about PST files. We have tried to solve the mysteries.

Where is my PST file located?

This is one of the common questions which everyone wants to know. To know where you’re PST files are located just right click on the Outlook today folder and choose properties. In the properties dialog box click on advance option and there you will be able to see where your .pst files are located. Now you can easily move your .pst files from one location to the other. Some how the location can by like mentioned below.

<disk drive>\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\Outlook.pst

But if you are using windows xp or windows 2000 you may not be able to see the .pst file after opening the folder which was mentioned in the properties dialog window.As in xp and 2000 files are hidden so you need to go to windows explorer, click tools, folder option and on view tab you have to select "show hidden files and folders". Once you click on the ok button you will be able to see the outlook.pst file in the desired location.

How I can take backup of my .pst files?

Once you get the location of your outlook.pst file you can easily move that file by just copy and past to other folder or location. So suppose you are upgrading your system or moving to other system, you just need to copy your outlook.pst file to the desired location and back up your messages. But before you take backup or copy or paste your outlook.pst files you should shut down your outlook.

How can I transfer my PST file?

Transferring PST file is same as taking backup, just copy and paste your .pst file from the location which you get from the properties dialog box mentioned above. Either you upgrade or change the system you can easily transfer your .pst file.

What if I am archiving my messages and data in outlook from long?

If you are archiving your pst from long to archive.pst from long time then you should search your system for all the .pst files available. There can be chances that your .pst file can be larger than 2GB. If it is then Outlook will not be able to open the file. It’s the common problem with oversized PST files. Then you need to use pst2gb.exe tool from Microsoft to recover your data. You can find more here on repair a 2gb Personal Folders file or Offline Folders.

To avoid this situation of oversize PST file always perform Housekeeping ad mail management within your outlook. Try to clean and compact your outlook time to time to make the performance better.

Can outlook.pst be put on external hdd or CD and used on several computers?

In case of HDD your outlook.pst file will have the write access so you can give the location of your PST file on the other computer and it will then work and give you your mails.

But in case of CD it don’t have the write access, so you will need to first copy the outlook.pst file to your hdd and then only you can work with that outlook.pst file to get the mails.

IF any one does have more common problems regarding .pst files , do mail us so that we can discuss here and give our users solution to their problem.

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