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Repair 2GB PST File with Outlook Truncation Utility Tool - Outlook PST Repair

Repair 2GB PST File with Outlook Truncation Utility Tool

Once in a blue moon when we try to access the PST files in Microsoft Outlook, we get the following error message:

Errors have been detected in the file <file_path> . Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.

The reason for the above mentioned error message is due to the fact that the personal storage file has exceeded its memory limit of 2GB. It is to be noted that the size of PST files in Outlook 2003 as well as in its earlier version is 2GB only and in the event if this memory capacity is exceeded, one is unable to access the file. There is no denying the fact that there is Inbox Repair Tool present in the database but in this situation this application is unable to repair 2GB PST file .

One can make use of the 2GB Truncation Utility Tool to fix this problem. It creates a reduced copy of the oversized PST file and the data present in the newly trimmed file is just like the same that in the original one. In order to run this tool, first of all quit all the Outlook application that is running on the system. After that use one of the following five files to extract the oversized file to an empty folder:

  • Readme.txt
  • Msstdfmt.dll
  • Readme.rtf
  • Pst2gb.exe
  • Msvbvm60.dll

Once this is done, run the Pst2gb.exe program to start the repair 2GB PST file . You would then have to select the oversized file whose size has to be reduced. You will have to type in the amount of data that you want to trim. The best results are obtained if you curtail the size by 20 to 25MB. After the successful operation of the above mentioned procedures, you can run the Inbox Repair Tool that will scan the newly formed shrunken PST file. After this you can access the data either by one of the methods:

  • Saving attachments to the file system
  • Using the archive feature
  • Using more than 1 PST file

It is to be remembered that Truncation Utility Tool has its own limitations. There has to be at least 2GB of free hard disk memory because otherwise the truncated PST file would not be formed. It works only for those files that are up to 2GB. If you wish to run this tool to split oversized PST file that are more than 2GB, then it is not possible to do so. In that a situation, one can use 3 rd party utility tool.

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