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Solution for Calendar Error in Outlook 2007 - Outlook PST Repair

Solution for Calendar Error in Outlook 2007

The Outlook 2007 comes with latest and sophisticated features in comparison to its past versions. In this new version, you can view more than one calendar at a single time and can handle both business and personal scheduling easily; giving you greater flexibility. Hence you can organize all your important events and dates using Outlook 2007 calendar. But sometimes there are certain issues with this calendar which is summarized under the following headings:

  • If you wish to publish the result of a particular calendar, it results in the loss of drag and drop functionality for that calendar.
  • Sometimes the Outlook is unable to connect to the Internet Calendar when the international characters contained in webcal link are clicked in Internet Explorer.
  • If you try to add an Internet Calendar Subscription by means of Account Manager, you are unable to do so.
  • When you try to open the calendar, it does not open and hence you are unable to access the contents present in it.
  • You have set reminders in Outlook Calendar 2007 but the database does not make you remind of the events that you have set.

The above mentioned issues occur suggests about the Calendar Error in Outlook 2007 . There are many reasons for this. Maybe the Outlook 2007 is not running properly. When Outlook does not run, then the reminders are not displayed and since reminders are managed by Outlook database which results in the above issue. Sometimes the Calendar or the Task Reminder is not present in the Primary Folder as a result of which reminders gets triggered from the other calendar and task folders in Outlook 2007. In some cases, unable to specify a location for the default delivery for the remainders can also account for the above issues. And if the calendar is damaged due to some kind of virus attack or server problem of Outlook, then also it can cause errors while opening the entries present in the calendar.

To fix the Calendar Error in Outlook 2007 , the first thing that needs to be done is to restart Outlook and keep it running to receive the remainders. While creating the remainders, it is to be remembered that they are created in the Primary Calendar or Task Folder . If the calendar entries are corrupted, then open the database and move on to the calendar. From the View menu, select the Current View and from there click on All Appointments . When you have done so, locate the appointment that is damaged delete it by right click of the mouse. Even then the problem is not sorted, then you should know that your Outlook calendar is heavily corrupted and you would have to look out for the 3 rd party Outlook PST Repair Software that would fix the Calendar Error in Outlook 2007 using certain algorithm and flowchart.

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