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Inbox Repair Tool: An Inbuilt Gizmo in MS Outlook - Outlook PST Repair

Inbox Repair Tool: An Inbuilt Gizmo in MS Outlook

People use Microsoft Outlook for performing various kinds of official as well as personal activities like sending emails, saving important documents, saving contacts and calendar etc. There is plenty of space allotted up to 2 GB in Outlook 2003 and in its earlier versions to store all your data. But when the size of the file gets more than this memory limit, the database begins to behave awkwardly. The main reason behind this mess is that Outlook is unable to manage such a large data which in turn corrupts or damages your PST files. When the PST file gets damaged, you can get the following error messages while getting access to a particular file or folder stored in the database:

  • Client Error: 0x80040600
  • Cannot Access File path\\filename.pst
  • Unknown Error in Messaging Interface
  • Internal MAPI Error
  • Error 0x80040119 or 0x80040116
  • Error --ISTORX32.DLL
  • Run Time Error

The above mentioned error messages are evident of the fact that until the specific PST file is not repaired, you would not be able to access the data present in it. To fix such issues, there is an inbuilt utility tool in Outlook called Inbox Repair Tool which uses certain program to get rid of the error messages and hence sorts out your problems. There is a command used to locate this utility tool and it varies from one version of Outlook to another one. Using the command; “C:\\Documents and Settings\\USER_NAME\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\", you would be able to find out the tool.

The tool makes use of sophisticated algorithm and performs complicated scanning and solves your problem. It is important to note that when you are using this tool, the MS Outlook is not running otherwise in the due process of scanning, some of the important PST files can get deleted permanently. It is so because the Inbox Repair Tool Outlook Vista repairs the header of the file and if it is unable to recognize or understand the file, it erases it completely. To run this tool, make sure all the PST files are closed including emails and other objects located in Outlook.

First of all find the tool and launch it. After that locate the PST files that has gone damaged and you want it to get repaired. After that, click on the start button and then the tool would begin to scan the file and its content. You should know that it performs Read Only function and would not alter any of the contents in the PST file. Finally when the scanning is done, the Inbox Repair Tool Windows XP would begin the repair process. The time would largely depend upon the size of the file; greater is the file size larger would be the time duration. After when the repair work is completed, a message would pop in front of your computer screen displaying that the problem is completed and you can check the file. The tool is also known as SCANPST.EXE and if you are unable to find the tool, then you can opt for Inbox Repair Tool Download . You can download it from the internet and can then use it on your Outlook database.

However it not cent percent guaranteed that the problems would be fixed using the above tool. When the problem is very complicated, you would have to take the help of 3 rd party PST Repair software that would not only repair the damaged PST files but would also split the oversized files into smaller ones.

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