Outlook Accelerator!

Outlook Accelerator is provided by defragmentor. Outlook Accelerator works as Personal/Offline Folder defragmentation add-on for Microsoft Outlook. If your Outlook is becoming slower and slower and it takes time to get your attachments open then its time to go for Outlook Accelerator.

Features of Outlook Accelerator:

Outlook Accelerator defragment your Outlook Personal or Offline Folders: This improves the performance of your Mail Accessing.

  • Your outlook files as .pst and .ost grows rapidly and becomes larger in size to defragmenting them makes your Outlook faster and you can easily access your Contacts, Messages, Journals an documents.
  • Your Outlook file can be larger then 1GB and can be scatters in different fragments across your disk. It takes a lot of time to gather all those tiny fragments of your Outlook and make them work properly.
  • Defragmenting makes your Outlook open in less time and keep your files managed on the disk.
  • You need Outlook Accelerator to defragment your file time to time. As once you run the defragmentor, the files are fragmented again as Outlook is used. So to keep your Outlook performance at pace and to maintain the faster accessing you need to go for Outlook Accelerator.


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